March 6, 2011

0 More Than Twitter Tweet Nothings

 Twitter is not just about posting and reading Tweets. We At web programming Group look at six services that let you get that little extra out of the microblog....

For most people, Twitter  basically involves finding out what is  on their friend's minds in a succinct 140 characters; no frills, no fuss. However, there is so much more to the service to the service than just writing and reading Tweets. Use the right applications,  and you will find yourself leveraging more out of the micro-blog.  Here then is our list of  applications  that every tweeter needs to try out. 

1)  provides a fun way to browser all the web links posted on your Twitter stream over the past 24 hours. It creates an online  "newspaper",  based  on the links recommended by you ( the designated editor - in - chief )  and the people you follow. You can generate the  newspaper based on links recommended by specific people or links recommended by people with specific hash tags. Much easier on the eye than shortened URLs with text descriptions. 

Twitter Tweet

 visit the site :


Twittercal is the perfect tool for tweeters with packed schedules. While there are a whole host of apps to help you manage your time, opening them and making the requisite entries can be quite a pain. TwitterCal makes the entire process a doodle if you are using Google Calendar. All you need to do is sign up and then tweet meeting details to get 'gal' to get the information uploaded to your calendar. It's that simple 

Twitter Tweet

visit the site : twittercal 


At times,  handling the tweets of all those that you follow can be quite a chore,  especially when some of them tend to go on and on about subjects you dont't care about. Using proxlet, you can look temporarily put these folk off your radar without having to unfollow them.  All you need to do is specify the length of time for which you do not want to hear from the specific follower. You can also use Proxlet to block apps and hash tags if you wish, but we like temporarily suspension of the chatterers best.

Twitter Tweet

visit the site : Proxlet


One of the problems with  followers is that its never easy to pinpoint when of them has decided to stop reading your tweets. And this is where the name Qwitter steps in. Enter you Twitter name and  e-Mail Id and you will receive a mail everyday notifying you about the people who stopped following you. And, in case the facts get depressing, the site even Qwitter Therapy section to pep up your spirits with some quotes.

Twitter Twitter Tweet

visit the site : useQwitter


Want to track  a particular brand, term, or heck, even your own name on the microblog? Try Twilert. The service scans the Twitter universe and  sends you an email with a list of  tweets in which the particular term  is mentioned. You can even specify the time when you want to receive the e-mail. Very handy, not just for those who want to find out how popular they are, but also for social marketers 

Twitter Tweet

visit the site  : Twilert 


Want to find out where  you stand in the massive Twitter world? Well,  just head to this site, enter your username and click on " grade "  to get your ratings out of  100. The score is based on updates, the number and the kind of  followers you have, the follower/following ratio,  and so on - quite a nifty report card feature for all your efforts  on Twitter. 

visit the site :  twittergrader


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