July 26, 2011

0 Did you know? There' s a Social Network for that

You have a business idea that could make for a profitable venture. All you need now are the right connections. Or perhaps you're looking for a job change. But how do you find out which companies are looking for people with your expertise?

professional networking

professional networking

Simple, Merely sign up on a professional networking site...

professional networking

professional networking

1) Biznik  : Biznik boasts one of most happening landing pages when it comes to  professional social networking sites. As soon as you type www.biznik.com, you  are welcomed by a homepage that lists the latest hand-picked business articles on topics such as businesses, etc penned by other site members. It also lists business networking events, photos from recent events and a featured Biznic blog.

Fill in your profile and your provided  Facebook - like page; complete with an 'About you" section, and a spot to post a video profile. It also encourages members to post articles that can then be shared among-st other Biznikers

2) Ecademey : This network is primarily meant for entrepreneurs ( note the E in the name )  and business people who wish to share ideas, concepts and notes on any business - related topic.

The landing page at  www.ecademy.com  is simple and bears a login box on the right. On the left, it displays the names and pictures of a few of the members who are online at the time your are logging on.

Like LinkedIn,this service lets you create a business profile and even add people to your network.You can then share information on business and current affairs through status messages, blog entries and can participate in group events. (you have to join a particular group  - say, finance, mechandise and so on to be able to participate )

The highlight of the site is its Boardroom feature, where Premium members can choose their own board; basically people who have experience in a particular field, those who already have successful ventures or your friends and so on.And users can utilize this collective expertise, once a month, to brainstorm for ideas.

But online social networks are only as strong as the number of people that are active on it, and this is one primary area where Ecademy suffers. Still, the service boasts of some nifty features, all that it is lacking is the people.

How to join : You can either sign up or log in using your Facebook, Twitter,Google, Open ID and Yahoo!ID.The signing up process is fast and simple.You can opt for Premier membership by paying Euro 99.97.

Syncing options : You can download its app for IPhone

3) LinkedIn :Linkedin is one of the largest professional networking sites in the world with over 100 million users.Keeping with its theme of serious networking the site's opening page is rather simple.Key in www.linkedin.com    and you are greeted with a sportan log -in page.

Once you have signed up and filled your profile by choosing your workplace, school and college, the site provides you with suggested 'contacts'.

These could be people who have a similar background, worked at the same organisation or who studies at the same university.
LinkedIn then asks you to invite other people including friends and colleagues - to join your network. The service also helps you to increase your circle of contacts by suggesting 'friends of friends' that you could possibly add.

The site encourages business networking by displaying your profile whenever whenever any one searches the site using specific keywords that might tie - in with your profile (say law, hospitality, marketing, SIES College, and so on).

Each time you log in, you can view the number of people who have visited your profile and the number of times you have come up in searches so that you know exactly how many people have gone through your profile and in how many days.

The site provides tight interaction with Twitter so you can tweet from within your account. And then there is 'LinkedIn Today', which is a service that aggregates the day's news in an easy - to read format.

Still, one of the best features of the site can be found under resume.linkedinlabs.com.This automatically creates a CV from the data you have entered in your profile. Alternatively, if you have a CV ready, you can simple upload it to LinkedIn so that prospective employers can study your background before approaching you.

How to join : A simple sign-in procedure  is all that's required to join. You can also upgrade from your free account to a 'Business Account' for $19.75, Business Plus for $39.95 and Executive for $74.95.

Syncing options. Available on Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

July 22, 2011

0 Writing Your Effective Sales Pitch

 Once determined there are five elements you should be aware of when writing your sales pitch which keeps you well ahead of your competitors.

We should used all or some of these elements on our website to boost our sales. Websites we create use all of the techniques below because I know they work as I've reaped the benefits. The techniques may seem obvious but, its the obvious stuff that often gets overlooked. We sell to people as we've been sold to people. The five things you have to do to get the sale are :

1) Write to your target audience

2) Write an exciting headline

3) Make them believe you can solve their problem

4) Talk about the benefits as well as the features

5) Ask for the sale.

1) Write to your target audience

You have to define your audience beyond simply 'people on the net'. You must know exactly who the people are that will buy your product or service and then target your sales pitch to precisely what they 're  looking  for.

So you've got to ask yourself - who is my target audience ?

> What gender are they?

>  How old are they?

> What is their education level?

> What problems do they face?

> Can you offer your product / service as viable solution ?

If you don't know or have an indication of the answers to the above questions, you need to go back and do a little bit more research. All of this is pivotal to making your effective sales pitch.

Once you' ve got and idea of who they are then write to them in a style of that they will understand and that connects with them. So for example if it's for teenagers keep it current and less formal and if it's for professional  business people keep it more formal

2) Write an exciting headline 

Headlines are key. The most effective headlines promise an answer to the problem your visitor has arrived on your site trying to solve

Take a look at the eye - catching headlines from some examples given below

 compare that to: 'Welcome to my site' or some other catchy headline u can write 

So have an exciting headline in speech marks in size 18 + font which explains what the reader could expect to get if they read on further. Keep your head - line customer relevant, simple, and to the point. This will encourage your potential customer to keep reading ! The better the headline, the more people who will read on, the more people who will  ( with the right sales pitch ) consider buying  and ultimately the more people who will buy!

I would use underline, italics and bold on the key words to emphasis what you are promising, because it acts as a trigger to keep them reading on. Bold, italic and underline act as mini bolts to keep the reader's interest and combined with the large font makes the headlines almost about at you!

If you can hit'em with a good opening headline then 25% of your work has been done.

Also when you write the body of the text try to break the blocks of text up with :

> Complete lines of space so the paragraphs are separate rather than separated by indentation only. 

> Short paragraphs

> Using bold, italics and underline for key parts of the sales pitch

>  Highlighting the key parts  of the text with a color behind it

> Using tables, boxes and speech mark quotation like snippets.

Do what ever you can just to keep the reader reading. You'll be amazed at how quickly  we get bored with reading paragraphs of text of all the same size, font and decoration if we are not sure if the text will be  beneficial to us. We all follow the motto  'if in doubt bail out' because we just don't have the time to really find out if the text is useful in any way. This is why you have to spoon-feed what your saying to them by using a few frills.

3. Make them believe you can solve their problem

You need to earn your potential customer's trust...and quick!. When using websites you cannot afford to have long spiels about irrelevant experiences  you've had etc - you need to establish your credibility for what you're saying straight away.

Tell them what you achieved in the past 

Are you fully qualified in the area you are selling? Written any publish works relating to it? Any positive media publicity you're received ? If so, put in - it will all help?

Relate to your potential customer

If your potential customer's problem one once you faced? Are you offering them a solution as a direct result of an experience? Tell them that if that's the case and tell it in a story fashion - as I've said before everyone loves a story

Gather and use Testimonials

People want to know that other people have used your product and benefited. When it comes to using your customer's feedback in your sales pitch you have to get the right blend of specificity and punch : not all testimonials are created with equal punch.

This is few type of testimonials feedback received after users read my site and when it proved worth useful for them 

The most effective testimonials highlight the benefits and results your customers/ users have achieved after buying your product or service, so potential customers will see that you deliver what you say you will. If you haven't got a testimonial then ask for one! If you can give your product away then do so in exchange for testimonial ( and make sure you get a good one ).

Add a strong guarantee

A strong guarantee shows you stand behind what you're selling. This will reduce your potential customers suspicious and increase their chances of buying from you.

Take a look at below image highlighting the fact, that customer can earn the promised commission.

By offering this guarantee  that we are giving them fixed commissions gives ur credibility to your service and making a promise that appears too expensive for you not to fulfill ! 

4. Talk about the benefits as well as the features

Do you know the difference between a feature and a benefit? Let me enlighten you. A feature is something specific to the product or service. So for example a TV being able to display images in color has the feature of being color.

A benefit is something the user actually receives from the feature. So in the color TV example the benefit for the user is that they get to see a more true to life image than a black and white TV.

Be sure to always include the benefits as well as the features. So for example :

> Feature : super concentrated washing up liquid for intensive cleaning.

> Benefit : eat off cleaner plates and get them clean in half the time leaving you to do the things          
                  you really want 

> Feature : electric windows with child safety sensors.

> Benefit : get peace of mind knowing that your child never risks serious injury.

I would source profitable investments for my clients if i were to write key words related to the features and benefits  of my service worksheet may look like this

Then i would include the above features in my website and emphasize the benefits that my service brings to them, hoping along the way  I would connect with them through my sales pitch so that they pick up the phone to call us or email us for further information.

5. Ask for the sale / order

 OK, so you've got your potential customer's attention and hooked them through the sales pitch by explaining the features and benefits of your product or service. So what now..ask for the order and turn them from the potential customer I've referred into a paying customer!

You have to make clear exactly what they have to do to get your product or service. I have seen many sales pitch fall but most crucial hurdle. They do not ask the reader to do anything. They assume that the reader will look into left menu bar and see the phrase 'order now'  but reader's don't! Only if your product is so damned good that they're itching to  buy your product because they have heard about it from someone else ( in the case you wouldn't even need a sales pitch ) would they even hunt around for the 'order now' button .

So in your site have the sentence which explains to them exactly what they have to do. So for example : 

But it doesn't stop there. If you add a sense of urgency to the sale then this doubles the response. I add words to the effect of 

Asking them for the order and letting them know they will some kind of special price or free gift if they act now encourages them to buy now rather than miss out on the chance.

So in summary the audience, headline, credibility, benefits and features and asking for the order are the five essential elements you need on your website in order to make a fortune. Add these using the techniques explained and you''ll create a top class salesperson working 24/7 with no extra costs.

Make sure you care about the presentation and image of your product or service as much as you do about the sale of them - constant review and analysis will breed results and results mean 
money !

When it  comes to your business on the net, your own sales pitch is unique to you and the only chance you have to communicate directly with your potential customers, telling them why they should buy from you as opposed to someone else.

Not  many websites use these five critical elements and as such you're already one step ahead of the game just by making sure your copy includes the essential elements discussed here! There are lot of people using the internet in India to make a fortune so your destiny is in your hands. By testing the different parts of your sales pitch regularly you''ll  know how well your site is performing and what, if anything, needs to be changed to prevent potential sales from going down to the drain.

July 15, 2011

1 Get SMS Google Plus Updates on Phone

With Google Plus launching SMS updates of your notifications like Facebook, getting your updates, all other notifications has become easy touch and go via SMS on your Mobile Phone. To enable this feature all you have to do is to verify your mobile no with your Google Plus Account. After you verify your Mobile No , get the activation code and enable the following notifications for example.

A )  Shares a post with me directly

B ) Comments on a post after I comment on it

C ) Tags me in a photo

D ) Comments on a photo I am tagged in

E ) Adds me to a circle

F ) Comments on a photo I tagged

G ) Starts a Huddle conversation with me

H ) Mentions me in a post

I )  Comments on a post I created

Simple Steps to Activate Google Plus On Your Mobile Phone 

Step 1 : Visit Google Plus Setting Page.

Step 2 : Then click on Add Phone number and then we Select our country

( currently Google Plus is offering only two countries supported SMS updates ie : United States & India users ) 

Step 3 : After completing the above two steps, wait for few seconds to receive the verification code on your mobile phone via sms. Now enter the code in your  Google plus profile settings page  to verify and confirm your number

Step 4 : Final Step before we can start with the sms updates notifications, once we verify our number we can start receiving notifications based on our selected preferences given.

Note : To start posting updates via SMS, please follow the given step shown in image 

Secure your posts (SMS Security PIN)

SMS as a technology has some security shortfalls, whether you're using SMS in the normal way (phone to phone) or communicating with Google products.

While actual SMS attacks are quite rare, it is technically possible for an attacker to spoof an SMS. For example, by sending an SMS to Google that appears as though it came from you, while in fact it did not.

If you're concerned about SMS spoofing, you can choose to setup an optional alphanumeric PIN on the Google+ settings page. Your PIN must contain 4-8 alphanumeric (A-Z or 0-9) characters.

If you set up a PIN, include the  SMS posts and commands with the PIN. For example: "A1B2C3 Will see you at the game @soccerfolks."

please follow the below step to add extra layer of security to your SMS notifications and updates

Users please me know you are already enjoying the Google Plus SMS Notification Feature.

July 12, 2011

0 New Facebook Video Calling : Learn how to Set & Start Video Call

A long awaited much talked, hyped Facebook Video Calling is on board launching soon, much in competition with Google who has launched its own Google Hangout. And its finally Facebook has filled up its kitty with most awaited and most talked feature, Facebook Video Calling , it has been launched in collaboration with Skype which is the popular VoIP service provider in the World.

With this Video Calling now Facebook users can see their near dear ones, friends smiling, hip hop, say hi hello, how ru, face to face, can say boon for the couples they can  be in touch with their love partners face to face and above chat with other friends in one place.

To make this video calling work for you, we don't  need any plugins, or software to be installed anywhere. Below we are mentioning some tips to how we get started with 

Please have look at this demo video for Facebook video Calling

How to set video up your Video Calling?

A)  At first time before u talk with your friend a small one time set up will be required to be completed before u can start with Video Call or your friend calls you . To call your friend simply click the video icon on the top of your chat window 

B) Upon successful completion of Video calling set up, you will automatically get connected to your friends video call . If any problem arises , then u can follow the same Step no ( A ) shown above

Facebook Video Calling works with all the major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,  Safari, Internet Explorer. Just make sure the browser your using is updated one.

How do i Start my Video calling With my friend?

A) After completing the Set up process completely its time now to get started with Video calling, to start video call simply visit your friends profile page and above there click on "Call" button in top right end side corner and can start the call else if you and your friend are already chatting through then you can click the video icon at the top of your chat window to get started

B) Have patience and wait for sometime for the call to get started and to receive your friends reply, due to internet connectivity or your friends busy in other activity , then it can take time. If your friend unable to reply, you can drop him an offline message to revert you back.

NOTE : To make all this  steps work properly do ensure u have went through proper set up, do check out twice the web cam, micro phone are fixed proper in right slots and are in good working condition before u start your set up, to have 

Update for all Users : Facebook Video calling is in process of getting launched sooner, we will keep you updated with the launch when it happens, the above steps are for you to get ready  with the set up process 

July 10, 2011

0 An Overview to Google Plus Features

Does signing up for the latest and the most talk about networking site Google ( + )  makes any Social Sense. We try to find out how


 Since last few days i have been trying to be more active on Google + than on Facebook and Twitter. Google + has a mix features  from both networks. And heck, it has brought me closer to my Twitter friends as it doesn't have the 140 character barrier... I don't need to start my own blog to write my views and then link my friends to it . I can do it on Plus with photos and videos...together

Home Page 

Once you sign , you are greeted by an uncluttered main page that's almost characteristic of Google's  minimalistic  approach. Here, you can update status messages, make post, share videos and photos with your friends - just like you can on Facebook.

What you can also do here, however is share your location if you're using a phone running Android 2.1 or higher ( reports indicate a similar functionality will soon be available for i Phones )

Besides Plus due to its seamless integration with other Google products makes it easier to share videos from YouTube and Photos from Picasa when compared to Twitter or Facebook. So, instead of opening a separate window to find a YouTube video to post, you can search inside the same network.

Plus even borrows from Twitter's Follow option where you can add practically anyone to your Circle to view their public posts on your main page. The good thing  ( or bad ) , unlike the microblog, the posts are not limited to 140 - character messages.

Now, if you like a post made by a friend, you can show your approval by clicking on the +1 button, right below the entry. This, of course, works exactly like Facebook 'Like' button.

Profile Page

The Profile Page aggregates the history of your posts on Google Plus. Here, on the top panel besides Posts, Photos, Videos and aggregated +1s you can also access the About page where you can enter your personal information.

You are also given the option to post links to other networking accounts that you may have. And yes, if you're active on Buzz, aka Google's version of Twitter, you can also access that feed from here.


Now, if there one thing that differentiates Plus from Facebook, it's got to be Circles. The interface lets you drag and drop your friend's and 'followers'  into various sub-groups. In effect, when you make posts available to your 'Friends Circle'  these will not be visible to your contacts in Office Circle. The site lets you create as many Circles you want.

The Circles are also visible on your Main Page in the left - hand panel besides your main feeds. Here,  if you select your Office Circle, for example, only those posts that are made by colleagues will be visible to you on the page.

This is not to say that contacts can only be added to a single Circle. You should choose to include a person in as many groups as you deem fit. Creating Circles is easy and takes a few minutes. Try selective sharing on Facebook, and you'll end up wasting more time because it isn't as upfront and easy as Google makes it for you.

The best part, you can add anyone to your circles. I created a Circle called "friends" can see above in the image and added my best close pals in it. Adding people to your circle is a lot like following them on Twitter it lets you read their public posts.

But to truly enjoy the experience, you''ll need a wide screen because the interface doesn't re-size for smaller monitor displays. Creating Circles on a 14" inch monitor is painful because you end up using the scroll bar, time and again. 

Photos Page

Just like Facebook, Plus has its own version of the Photos page where you can view all the pictures uploaded by the contacts in your Circles.. Due to integration with Picasa, users are allowed unlimited storage.

Click on a picture, and it zooms in, complete with a side panel that displays comments made by friends for each of the images.  Clicking on the 'Actions > Photo Detail's option below any zoomed -in photo allows you to access to histogram information, camera details, exposure, aperture, focal length, ISO speed, etc, for the particular picture.

Under 'Actions' option you will also find an 'Edit Photo' feature with five basic picture - processing filters, including auto color, auto contrast and black and white. Processing the photo takes a few seconds and on a good broad band connection. Not bad at all.


This feature, which can be found on the left panel of the main page, lets users find the latest content news stories, blog posts, videos pertaining to things that interest the. Click on the link and you are taken to a page that prompts you to add you topics to Sparks. Using Google's engines, the page then aggregates all the content that matches with the term you added. 

A 'share' button below each news/blog item makes it easier to post the link to your Plus stream. Simply put, Sparks is a news aggregator that lets you divide  your feeds based on topic and all within your Plus social network.


This is a group texting feature, which is currently available on Android phones. Google is promoting it as  a cost-effective way of chatting with a group of people in real time, much like BlackBerry's messenger and Whatsapp.

Hang Out

If you don't have webcam phobia, and are comfortable broadcasting video online, this feature is sure to have you hooked. After asking, you to 'check your hair and make sure your mic works'., Google lets you video conference with up to 10 friends simultaneously ( though you will need to download a plug-in for this ) .

As people join your Hang Out, the screen splits into a strip of little squares of video with one central window in the middle. You get featured in the middle, when Google's algorithms detect that you speaking on mic. You're relegated to the smaller squares as soon as someone else takes centrestage.

After i created a Hang Out, ( the link can be found on the right-hand panel of the main page ), 
me and my friends spent 30 minutes chatting with each other. The feature works as promised, provided you have decent internet bandwidth at your disposal. I can see Hang Out being used to facilitate business meeting and even gossip session between friends ( you can even watch YouTube video together.)

Data Liberation 

Designed by a Google engineering team tasked with making it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products, the Data Liberation option lets you save a backup of your photos, profile information, contacts, Circles, stream posts and Buzz posts on your computer.   

Using the feature, which can be found under  Account settings, I managed to download all my activity in a zip folder in less than two minutes. This makes it easier to find something you posted a year ago. Indeed, Data Liberation is a great tool for people complain that they have no way of archiving their tweets, Flickr images, or finding Facebook posts from a year ago. 


Plus is definitely worth trying. Once you've signed up, it's tough to say goodbye because Google draws you back with its newly touched black toolbar that squats across Google sites and posts a notification to alert you about the activity on Plus.

For people who primarily share multimedia, this platform makes it because of its simplicity in design and the able support of other Google products. 

Features such as Hang Out are worth a dekho. And with Circles, you do not feel compelled to reciprocate a 'Follow' like on Twitter. Still there aren't many options to create groups and this might prove a hindrance to creating thriving communities like on Facebook and Orkut. Also, there is no way to search posts posted by your friends or anyone in the network, big drawback again. 

And if you like social games or applications, you'' be disappointed  because Plus does not have any yet. Hope to c ahead in future any time soon.



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