July 12, 2011

0 New Facebook Video Calling : Learn how to Set & Start Video Call

A long awaited much talked, hyped Facebook Video Calling is on board launching soon, much in competition with Google who has launched its own Google Hangout. And its finally Facebook has filled up its kitty with most awaited and most talked feature, Facebook Video Calling , it has been launched in collaboration with Skype which is the popular VoIP service provider in the World.

With this Video Calling now Facebook users can see their near dear ones, friends smiling, hip hop, say hi hello, how ru, face to face, can say boon for the couples they can  be in touch with their love partners face to face and above chat with other friends in one place.

To make this video calling work for you, we don't  need any plugins, or software to be installed anywhere. Below we are mentioning some tips to how we get started with 

Please have look at this demo video for Facebook video Calling

How to set video up your Video Calling?

A)  At first time before u talk with your friend a small one time set up will be required to be completed before u can start with Video Call or your friend calls you . To call your friend simply click the video icon on the top of your chat window 

B) Upon successful completion of Video calling set up, you will automatically get connected to your friends video call . If any problem arises , then u can follow the same Step no ( A ) shown above

Facebook Video Calling works with all the major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,  Safari, Internet Explorer. Just make sure the browser your using is updated one.

How do i Start my Video calling With my friend?

A) After completing the Set up process completely its time now to get started with Video calling, to start video call simply visit your friends profile page and above there click on "Call" button in top right end side corner and can start the call else if you and your friend are already chatting through then you can click the video icon at the top of your chat window to get started

B) Have patience and wait for sometime for the call to get started and to receive your friends reply, due to internet connectivity or your friends busy in other activity , then it can take time. If your friend unable to reply, you can drop him an offline message to revert you back.

NOTE : To make all this  steps work properly do ensure u have went through proper set up, do check out twice the web cam, micro phone are fixed proper in right slots and are in good working condition before u start your set up, to have 

Update for all Users : Facebook Video calling is in process of getting launched sooner, we will keep you updated with the launch when it happens, the above steps are for you to get ready  with the set up process 


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