January 26, 2011

1 Guest Poster

Benefits of Guest Posting:

  • Backlinks to your blog or website.
  • Traffic to your website or blog.
  • Creates great publicity for your online profile or website.
  • and several other benefits!


  • Article should be original(unique).
  • It should be relating to the niche.
  • It should be non-promotional.
  • It should not be republished somewhere else. However you can link back to the article from your site.
  • Give a Short Bio at the end of the article.

Articles We Do Not Accept

  • Article with ‘high paying’ promotional KEYWORDS in the post body and author bio linking to your site.
  • Article not relating to the niche.
  • Article without proper author bio or fake profile.

How to Submit Guest Post:

With subject as GUEST POST, attach your guest post(document + images if any) and send it to the email given below:
Please Note: Mention the Email ID(will not be published) and Website of the author.

(We’ll let you know once it’s accepted and you will receive an invite from us for our blog posting as daily poster, so you will be able to post your postings)


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