July 9, 2011

8 How to join Google Plus? Who All Can Join it ?

 Google Plus ( + ) project seems to be one of the greatest creation of Google all time. Google has really changed the way one can surf net and now with plus one, the limits are set to endless. Well one can see this as another competition to facebook who has been struggling with its privacy issues, where as google has kept 

At present Google is not allowing to join or sign up for Google plus one openly as its in trial & testing process, though invitation process is going on. You can post your Gmail ID in the comments box below and we can invite you as a free favor. For invitation kindly follow the below simple steps

How to get a Google Plus invitation

If you don’t already have an account on Google Plus and need an invitation then you need follow these steps
1). Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
2) Subscribe to our site

 leave your email-id below here in comments section, we will  send you all the invites 


Taylor said...


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Anonymous said...

hey send me an invite dude. to rauul2rahul@gmail.com

raj said...

invites has been sent to you all...enjoy

Nakul Ahuja said...

Pls send me invite : ahuja.nakul@gmail.com

raj said...

invites has been send

Anonymous said...

please send me invites; dennis.david101@gmail.com

dennis david said...

please send me invites; dennis.david101@gmail.com

raj said...

invites has been send, check out

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