April 18, 2009

0 Errors will Stop you in XML

ERRORS IN XML Documents will stop the XML program.

The W3C XML specification states that a program should not continue to process an XML document if it finds a syntax error.The reason is that XML software should be easy to write, and that all XML documents should be compatible.

With HTML it was possible to create that documents with lots of errors (like when you forget an end tag). One of the main reasons that HTML browsers are so big and incompatible, is that they have their own ways to figure out what a document should look like when they encounter an HTML error.

With XML this should not be possible.

Viewing XML Files

Raw xml files can be viewed in Mozilla,FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and in Netscape 6+.

However, to make XML documents to display like nice web pages, you will have to add some display information.


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