January 27, 2011

0 Reflect Upon Your DOTCOM Master Plan

If you' re feeling  inspired to become an internet entrepreneur, the next stage is to consider the type of website that you would like to start. You may already have a clear idea mapped out. If so you are part way to achieving   your dreams. If you don' t have any ideas at this stage, you may be  able to draw upon your interests and experience to launch a website. The following may lead you to an idea.

1)  Do you have an interest or hobby that you can turn into a profitable website?
2) Can you draw upon your existing skills, qualifications and experience?

3) Do you have an existing business / service that you can eastablish online?

4) Ask your friends for their opinions on what is lacking on the internet, It may spark ideas for solutions you could provide.

5) Remember, many successful niche websites were established because their founders found it difficult to locate a service / product. Consider if you've  had difficulties finding a service / product. if you have ,. chances are that other people have also had problems. You may hit upon  a winning website idea.

6) If you're thinking of setting up a websie that already has plenty of established competition, consider what USP (unique selling point) you will offer to attract enough customers, to your websiet.

7) Learn to think laterally. Lool beyond what is obvious to find innovative solutions to everyday problems.

8) Study other dotcom success stories... can you improve on their ideas? Can you offer a different dimension to an already established website?

Remember - the simplest ideas often make the most profitable websites.

Once you have idea, keep it to yourself for the time being! ideas are not copyrighted protected so if you share an idea with someone else there' s nothing stopping them from stealing the idea and launching the website., unless they have an signed a NDA ( a non-disclosure agreement )


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