January 4, 2011

0 10 Twitter Backup Tools For Preserving Tweets

 In this new year im bringing out a tutorial about backup of tweets , how to save tweets and our account ....

With the new year 2011 approached  of now its good time for all of twitter users to archeive all your tweets. AS this new year has arrived we dont want to lost of any of our tweets through anyway, or we dont want something to go wrong with out account, that would cause us loss of all our tweets, and all the favourites stored inside it.

As we are hearing in the IT field that hacking accounts of social networking accounts are on rampant like for facebook, twitter etc, well i would suggest there is better way we can prevent our self from losing all this with some smart, simple steps with the back up and archieve of all our tweets as and when possible.

to prevent the self loss of losing the important tweets, or our account ....i will suggest you some simple steps if when taken will be of very useful and its handy to use in emergency.

i hope it comes as worth for all tweeter users....


Well i feel this tweetbook must be new to many users  but its basic different tool that will defer from basic text acheiving  also. With the help of tweetbook you can generate a

pdf e-book of your latest tweets and favorites, share your tweetbook with your friends and all !

This is really  very good advanced tool for creating back ups of your tweets and favourites in pdf format .. a must try out....for all twitters

also try out mytebo.com which is also 100% free for all users , this site also helps us create pdf files for all the tweets and saves our time..

2 ) TweetSaver

Another great twitter tool in the form of tweetsaver for you all, you can easily search through this and tag your tweets for your friends to easily find them.  its unique and

awesome featuere i found on tweetsaver is that they allow you all to share your tweets, on all the social networking sites with the click of one simple button. thats way simple .

this service from tweetsaver comes with little price package in store for u all, they have trial offer of  7 days for their users, their paid 4 package price starts from montly 5$

package to yearly 30$ it goes too, their Tweetblast-Monthly pack is of $3.00 monthly, Tweetblast-Yearly  package which is -50% off pack is of $15.00.

If this aren't enough tools for your tweets, here i got more options to share about tweeter backup tools

3) TwitterBackup

Another short and simple tool comes here in the form of twitterbackup, its name mentions the meaning of it in simpler way. the magic of this tool is that it downloads all your

tweets and stores them in XML format. its document is identical to API format also

Well heard quite few reviews it goes like this tool is handy and quite effective, personally haven't used it till now.

will be waiting for you users to give your feedback on it.

Notes : ( credit to johannburkard.de for this  help)

    * TwitterBackup might not work if you have blank characters in your password.
    * License is MIT License (OSI certified), as always.
    * There is a delay time of several seconds between requests (as demanded by the Twitter API).
    * Depending on the number of your updates, the backup process can take a while.
    * Your settings are stored on your computer, not on my server or anywhere on the net.


This tweetguard tool comes very handy in use and its features are as it gives back up of your twitter account for free of cost. its another feature is it Archives & export your

tweets, favorites, and friends are organised in tabs for simple viewing for users. We can export our data anytime in CSV or XML format.

The best part is that we can have through search through all our tweets . Isn't it Gr888

To use this tweetguard all we have to is to sign up with our twitter account immediately and they will start backing of your account with immediate effect.

5) TweetScan

TweetScan claims to be the most complete Twitter Backup available . you can archieve or simple choose which all items that we do like to have back up of like tweets, friends,

followerss, favourites, & etc.  They say your 1000 last messages are downloaded from twitter and its combined mixed with their database. after then we get zip file for downloading

of your tweets to your computer and save it for future reference.

6) Twistory

well this twihistory has really great history of preserving our tweets i feel, it has a very unqiue and different approach, we can Add our Twitter backlog feed to your favorite

calendar application and browse through your personal Twitter diary,  well we need to make our twitter account public in order to make twihistory work for us. its not jus great

tool for saving your tweets and archeiving, it, it works as an organizer of our tweets and tweets are displayed on the date we created them.

With adding of twistory to our calendar, we can search for them through your calendar searching feature given there as well get update on regular basis to all our archives...

theirs is basic version to use which is compelte free of charge forever use.

jus sign up with twitter account and within few seconds we can see twistory indexing our tweets.

7) The Archivist

The Archivist itself is a windows desktop application that helps us archive, analyze, visualize, save and export tweets.

It helps you archive tweets for later data-mining and analysis. Start a search with The Archivist and get as many results as it can. The, leave The Archivist running and it will

poll Twitter for that search.

Save : Save the tweets you care about onto your computer. Use The Archivist to run searches on Twitter and then save those tweets for your archives or data-analysis.

Export : Export your saved tweets to a tab delimited text file and view the information in Excel. From there, run charts, graphs, or other analysis on the tweets and discover trends.

Visualize :The Archivist comes with two visualizations to show you the Tweet volum
e over time and top users. Also, by exporting archives to Excel, you can run rich visualizations.

perhaps you're on a Mac or mobile device?

Try out the web-based version of The Archivist at http://archivist.visitmix.com.

8 ) TweetBackup

TweetBackup is an online Backup Tool & popular service powered by backupify.com which also does backups and archieves for major social media sites data and google apps . In all this is free service to use and includes daily back up and exporting and archieving. But there is glitch here for users is that they have some limiation of 3200 tweets , though some claim they have seen more tweets in their archive. But then too Not sure about it.

access your data anytime you want and export it in RSS, Text or HTML formatt. Additionally it can also backup tweets of your friends. There is no limit on the number of profiles you can backup with TweetBackup.

Well the down fall of this service tweetback up is they dont have any system in place to search for our tweets . its basic service they offer , though not well enough to be said bingooo...

well i feel after seeing backupify.com i feel its actually better service if we are looking for good more feature rich service, it has twitter and other supports for its users.

9) BackupMyTweets

BackupMyTweets offers daily backups and the capability to search through your tweets. Their archiving limitations is 3200 of your most of the tweets

Using the BackupMyTweets system, you can back-up anything from followers to favorites, DMs, friends and tweets. To begin with, click on the “Get ‘em!” button and choose where you’d like to save the file on your computer. Once the file is saved, it’ll open up as an Excel document.

BackupMyTweets provides its users with free, daily backup for their Twitter accounts without having them reveal their name and password.

Enter a proxy if necessary–only if you connect to the Internet through a proxy. If you have a lot of tweets to backup, it will take a little while since the program takes 1-minute breaks between each page of tweets that you have.

In case you want to create a back-up for your mails all you have to do is let BackupMyTweets know what accounts to back up and they’ll handle the rest. As simple as that! You’ll get daily snapshots of your account that you can download if the unthinkable happens, or if you just delete an important message by accident. This application is highly recommended for those who have lot of information to store and share on line. This tool definitely will come in handy.

10 ) Tweetstream

Tweetstream brings Backup Twitter with Tweetstream. Take all your Twitter information with you including tweets, retweets, friends, followers, and more.

it gives u more efficient way of accessing, exploring and saving your Data,  all your tweets wil be searchable , we can even customise it to our need and then export it.

Very aftr we can even download all our data to your pc, via FTP, export it to PDF, USB stick and more....



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