January 15, 2011

0 XHTML Colors Names Codes

Colors may be specified by using a standard name (such as aqua) or a hexadecimal RGB
value (such as #00FFFF for aqua). Of the six hexadecimal digits in an RGB value, the first
two represent the amount of red in the color, the middle two represent the amount of
green in the color and the last two represent the amount of blue in the color. 

For example,black is the absence of color and is defined by #000000, whereas white is the maximum amount of red, green and blue and is defined by #FFFFFF. Pure red is #FF0000, pure green (which the standard calls lime) is #00FF00 and pure blue is #00FFFF. 

Note that green in the standard is defined as #008000.Part B 1 image contains the XHTML standard color set.

Figure B.2 contains the XHTML extended color set.


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