February 13, 2011

0 Valentine LOVE? There' s an App for that

With Valentine Day just around the corner , it isn't  hard to find hundreds of apps for those romantically inclined. Now we do not mean those mushy pink wallpapers or love-themed digital stationery or even e-cards that profess the emotion. Here, we're talking of widgets that promise to analyze your chances of hitting it off with that special someone. So, without much ado.....

1) Love Calculator for BlackBerry (BlackBerry) 

Here's  a fun application : Enter the names of two people and hit the calculate button. The software then  goes through some sort of internal  calculation before it reveals the chances of love existing between the  duo in the form of percentage. You can even use it to gauge love between a person an an instution, or  even two company. Yours for 99 cents.

Get it from : BlackBerry App World 

2) Love Guru ( Android )

Want a detailed analysis of the possibility of a relation between two people based on more than just their names? Well, try this app for Android. All you need to do is enter the names and the app will swing into action,  but rather than  just serving some sort of a score straightaway, you will actually get a grade, based on the couple's compatibility across four parameters: Love,  work and interest. All of this with a nice analytical report and a random love quote. And you have the option of sharing your results across your social networks too. It might seem random & heck, it is . Much fun.

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 3) Are we related - Touch and Scan DNA ( ios )

Well, in terms of sheer dramatic effect, this app takes the cake. To find out the answers to questions like if your are adopted, if two people can date, or even to take a paternity test, just ask the folk concerned to place their fingers on the phone. The "DNA scanner" in the app then reacts to their touch to serve up results using a mixture " of nanotechnologies  and DNA analysis techniques. " Well, it's purely for entertainment, but considering the fuss it makes and the results it serves up,  we were almost convinced that it actually works. Good for Chuckles.

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Get it from : iTunes App Store

 4) Love Scanner ( Symbian Series 60 )

 All right, we can hear some people  mumbling that this is not a new app, but we love it nevertheless,  and not only because it works on most Symbian  Series 60 ( third edition )  phones. All you need to do is load your own picture,  and then take a photograph of a person you are interested in . This app will then work out your  compatiblity based on your apperance. You can also try this with photographs of body parts if you are really kinky. Loads of fun, although it can be a bit sluggish. 

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 5) Baby Maker ( ios )

They say that a child is the ultimate  symbol of a couple's  love for each other. Ok,  we might have made that up. Anyway, if you subscribe to that notion, this is just the app for you. All you need to do is load pictures of two people and the app will work out what their baby  is likely to look like . At $2.99, the software isn't cheap, but it's a small price to pay if you want to know what your offspring will look like. Just don't take the results too seriously.

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Get it from : iTunes App Store  


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