April 19, 2011

0 Creating Hype To Attract Visitors To Your Website

 If  your  website isn't gaining your visitor's attention, it's time to start creating some hype to capture the imagination of your potential customers. There's no question about it, creating believable hype will sell your website.

So how do you create this hype??
 1)  Emphasize the benefits  -  highlight what your visitors will gain from your website.

2)  Clearly advertise your USP ( unique selling points ) such as specialist information top quality products, amazing discounts, or anything that really sets your website apart from all the rest.

3) Create an identity that makes your website stand out. Be different

4) Shout about any awards, accolades, experience, qualifications or anything that gives your website an edge over your competiton.

5) Feature customer endorsements - draw out the best endorsements from satisfied customers and devote space to them on your website. A good endorsement can win you more customers.

 Effective hype emphasizes your  website's current strength. With so much competition with millions of websites vying for customers, you need to create impact to keep your visitors on your site.

Make a checklist of all the 'hype points' about your website. Draw on the positive points but remember that any type of hype which captures media attention   will drive to your website.


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