April 1, 2011

0 Google Launches +1 button to go one up on Facebook "Like"

To compete with Facebook  'Like' Google launches a new feature that lets users share search results they  like with their friends.   

Google will allow people to personally endorse search results and Web pages, an important step in its efforts to add social networking capabilities  to its products amid increasing competition from Facebook.

The new so-called +1 button that will appear alongside Google search results for some users on Wednesday means that people will be able to recommend specific search results to their friends and acquaintances by clicking the like button.

The new feature comes likely after the year after Facebook began offering special "Like" buttons to Websites, creating a  personalized  recommendation system that some analysts  believe could gradually challenge tradiational search engine ranking algorithms for finding online information. 

Google  +1 recommendations  will also appear in the paid ads that Google display alongside its search results . In its internal tests, Google found that including the recommendation boosted the rates at which people click on the ads.


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