October 19, 2010

0 Blogger Gadgets Tutorial


In the way posts make up the majority of your blog, gadgets make up the majority of your blog’s layout, particularly the sidebar(s). We will begin with basic gadgets available from Blogger when clicking Add a Gadget (see Figure 3-3). In the next chapter and throughout the remainder of this book, you learn how to add additional third-party gadgets to promote your blog, connect to popular social networking sites, make money, or further customize the design or functionality of your blog.

Note: Gadgets are primarily added to your blog’s sidebar for quick, visual access. 

Let’s review a list of commonly used gadgets (see Table 3-1) and then add a few popular gadgets to
your blog, such as a Search Box, in the following exercises. You do not want to clutter your sidebar(s) making your blog appear too busy, nor will every gadget suit your blog’s purpose or appeal to all blog
readers. Pick and choose those that you need and from which you will benefit.

Table 3-1: Basic Gadgets Review
Gadget                        Description
Pages -------------------Allows you to create content on your blog separate from your main post area. It is  similar to the traditional web page describing a service you may offer, list products
you sell, or a custom About Me or About Us page (this feature will be reviewed in

Followers---------------- Displays a list of people following your blog (in their Dashboard under Other Blogs, it will show your blog updates).
Search Box-------------- Adds a Google Search box to your blog allowing visitors to quickly and easily search your blog.

HTML/JavaScript----- Primarily used to add third-party gadgets to your blog.

AdSense------------------- Provides capability to earn money with your blog by adding Google AdSense.

Picture---------------------- Use this gadget to add a picture to your blog’s sidebar, footer, or header area (in addition to your Profile Photo). This gadget is not used to insert an image into a

Slideshow------------------ Creates a quick slideshow from Picasa Web Album, Flickr, Photobucket, or other
photo storage sources.

Link List-------------------- Creates a link to your favorite blogs, web sites, photo albums, or other links.

Labels------------------------- Displays a list of categories (labels) used in your blog posts.

Links--------------------------Allows a reader to subscribe to your blog’s posts or comments using popular readers  like Google Reader.

Profile------------------------- Allows you to add certain profile information to your blog, including the Profile  Photo if one was uploaded.

Blog Archive--------------- Select how to archive your blog’s posts; most commonly is by month.
Page Header----------------- Add a header area to your blog. Your blog banner would typically go here.


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