October 19, 2010

0 Blogger Navbar Tutorial


The Navbar is a built-in feature of your blog used to quickly navigate to your Design, compose a New  Post, or to Sign Out, and displays your email (username). On the left side on the Navbar when viewing your blog, you will also see an area to report abuse, or the ability to go to the next Blogger blog.

In the Navbar page element, you can edit the Navbar color to best match the coloring of your blog.
The only option when editing the Navbar (without using custom HTML/CSS code) is choosing a color. I would recommend one of the “transparent” settings.

Exercise – Editing the Navbar
Choose a transparent color for your blog’s Navbar:
1. From the Dashboard, choose Design.
2. Click Page Elements if not already selected.
3. On the Navbar, click Edit.
4. From the options shown in Figure 3-2, choose Transparent Dark or Transparent
Light or any other available color that best compliments your blog. In The Perfect
Landscape’s blog, Transparent Dark was chosen.

5. Click Save.
6. Choose View Blog to view your changes (notice your Navbar color changed).


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