January 27, 2011

2 7 Top Tips for Choosing Products to Sell Online

1 ) If you are aiming to run a small web venture from home, choose a product that is easy to store, doesn't  take up much space and is lightweight and small for posting. for example : books, pens, socks, ties, jewelery, ties ,   greetings, cards,  CDS, accessories, card games.

 2) Consider selling niche items..... a collection of dog ornaments for dog lovers.  quilting materials for quilters; art materials for artists,  health books for the health- conscious; allergy -free cosmetics for people who have allergies etc.

3) Can you consider your exisitng skills to make original products?  how about  hand made products such as knitwear, hand bags, jewellery, greeting cards,  sculptures, painting, wood carts, cushion covers,  candles and so on ?  You  may also be able  to charge more for commissioned  products and  'one-offs;.

4) Consider how u will obtain stock,  how much u need &  whether the price you will pay will give you adequate profit margins.

5) Avoid buying large amounts of stock on  unproven items  or produce that may quickly become unfashionable  or has has short sell-by date.

6)  If possible, check the quality of the products you buy from a wholesaler or manufacturer before you commit  to buying in bulk.

7) Remember that some products  may generate more returns, for example clothing, shoes, electrical goods,   gagdets, or any product that could  easily be  broken during transit such as glassware.



Web design Singapore said...

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raj said...

ohh thnxx fr lykng. keep visiting for more quality tutorials updates on board

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