February 6, 2011

1 6 Cool Networking Apps For Social Networking

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 A choice of six apps and services that will keep you connected to most of your social networking accounts with minimum fuss. With One app control your web touch and rule them all.

With most of us being registered with at least two to three different  social network services, keeping track of all our accounts can prove to be quite a task. Thankfully, there are few apps out there that are one - stop solutions to keep  you in touch with your social circle on Facebook, touch
base with your professional contacts on  LinkedIn, share your pictures on Flickr, drop your pearks of wisdom and showers of daftness on Twitter,  and even display your wild side on Orkut. Here's  a list of six such apps.

1)  Nomee

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This software gives you the option to "follow" your contacts across more than a hundred social networks including Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn,  and Facebook. It even supports Wordpress & Blogger weblogs,  you get notifications, and you can also make posts,  comment and reply to comments. Nomee,  however can be overwhelmed at times, and  given all the services involved can be bandwidth guzzler. But once it gets going, you're in social networking heaven.

Get it from : www.nomee.com

2) Seesmic Desktop

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Seesmic promises " All Your social services in one place" , and it sure delivers. You can access your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, PingFm, Foursquare and Google Buzz accounts from an interface that places each account in a separate column,  with the option to add "channels"  that pull information from a selection of websites. You can also view information from your social networking accounts, with each one being given a separate column. Of course , this means a lot of  scrolling if you have a number of accounts, but then, it also gives you the convenience of accessing all your networks in one place. A small Tip : Do not open too many applications at once as Seesmic can be a bit of memory guzzler.

Get it from : www.seesmic.com

 3) Tweetdeck

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 It may sound like Twitter, but the fact is that Tweetdeck handles more social networking services than you can share a stick at. Apart from the microblog, it also supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Buzz, & MySpace. Yes , it also has a column - wise arrangement, but unlike Seesmic, which seems to go on and on, Tweetdeck is easier on the eye & also a bit faster.

Get it from  : www.tweetdeck.com 

4) Digsby

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Digsby is actually better known as an Instant Messenger ( IM ),  but it also used by many people as social networking app. Of all the utilities mentioned in this piece, it handles the fewest services, namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & MySpace. Its plus point, however, is that it supports Facebook Chat & handles email as well. It is also one of the most compact software  around, residing on one side of the screen, Just like a normal IM program. Versatile!

Get it from  : www.digsby.com

5) Hoot Suite

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This is actually more of a web app than one that gets installed on your machine, so you can access it from just about any computer. Hoot Suite supports Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pingfm, Wordpress, Foursquare & Mixi & will let you access up to five social networks  for free, & an unlimited number of networks for a  monthly fee. Once you sign in, each of your accounts will be displayed as a tab in a browser like page. To access a network just click on the relevant tab and browse the information you need.

Get it from : www.hootsuite.com 

6) Socialite

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For all the alleged snootiness & feelings of inherent superiority, even Mac users need to be logged  into multiple social networks. And most of them turn to Socialite to let them do that. Formerly known as Eventbox, the software covers Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg & Google Reader. And while the brisk performer has a simple Windows Explorer like interface, it still boasts some Mac polish. There is a paid version ( $20), but we would recommend you try the free one first.

Get it from :  www.apparentsoft.com/socialite


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