February 3, 2011

0 The Website Disclaimer

A Disclaimer is a legal statement that often included on a website, especially one that offers information. It is a statement that disclaims the website' s reposnsiblity in case of any situations arising from the published information.

There are many variations where disclaimers are concerned, depending upon the information and the potential  repercussions from the information that you provide.

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Example of  basic disclaimer : 

The website has done its best to present accurate and up-to-date information but cannot gurantee that the information is correct. The website is  provided on the understanding that its publishers are not responsible for any loos or damage arising from the information provided.

If in any doubt what type of disclaimer you need for your website, consult a media lawyer.
A detailed website disclaimer may include the following.

1). Introduction to confirm that your visitors, by using your website, accept the disclaimer in full.
2)  Confirmation of intellectual  property rights.

3) License granted to your visitors to use the website
4)  Limitations of liability

5)  Confirmation of any variation and the entire agreement.
6) Law and jurisdiction -  how disputes will be dealt within your company.
7) Your website's contact details.


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