February 1, 2011


If you don't want to develop a new web venture from  scratch you could look at buying an established  online business..

There are sites which  advertise online business for sale. if you consider this route you need to do plenty  of research and checks into web venture that interests you before you financially commit yourself  to making a purchase.

Ask the following questions :

** How long has the website been established?

** Are there  records available of traffic stastics, membership, income and expenditure? Are  certified accounts available?

** Why are the owners selling the website?

** Is the website in profit?

** Is profit increasing from month to month?

** Do you need to hold stock?  if so,  where you can obtain from?

** Does the business have a long - term potential?

** how quickly will you recoup the purchase fee?

** What are you buying? Does it include  web hosting, tghe domain name, site content and shopping cart?

**Are any other partners involved  or are you buying the business in its entirety?

** What skills will you need to maintain the website?

** Does the website have a good reputation

Established web ventures  can cost anything from a few hundred to many thousand pounds. Sites that have a solid record for attracting  large amount of traffic,  repeat custom or a good income will certainly be more expensive.

It's vital that you make the necessary checks to ensure that the web venture is genuine, so do seek advice  before you part with your money 


business web development said...

Thanks for this information. I think it would also be nice to have your business web designed originally as what you want it to be.

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