February 15, 2011

0 Facebook Fan Pages Revamp

The world's largest social networking website Facebook is back with some cool funky fan pages designs for us . Facebook has revamped the site with host of new additions features and some changes in it like it has removed the tabs and given the site admins extra feature a  ability to post on other fan pages in facebook through Login as page feature

Highlight of your old facebook fan page

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The links for the tabs have been moved over to the spot under the profile picture, and are now just links.

* Administrators can now comment as their page on other pages or other people's profiles. Users can no also receive email notifications about user comments on their Page, something previously only possible for comments on personal wall.

* Another addition is the new ability to "like" other Pages as your page. Previously, a user could only "like" something as an individual.

Some Highlights of Your New Fan Page

*1) Showcasing your most recent photos which we posted on wall that will be tagged in & appear here. This area wont include fan posted photos any.you can even hide your photo from unwanted users you wish

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2) Navigation : All navigation links are on left as you see on most people's profiles 
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 3) Wallfilters : This helps you show the top most posts on your wall, with the help of two wall filters 
   you can show all posts by your page & by everyone, new way for the users to see  the top and interesting stories first . As an admin we will get additional filters for  our posts

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 4)  Admin View  :   As an admin we have the comfort to engage with other areas of facebook pages                                   also. its features are as follows
  1) Get an Update on Fans interacting with your post & pages, 
  2)  we can see all our pages activities in news feed option.
  3)  Get the feature of making your comments as our pages on other pages
  4)  we like other pages & it get them featured on our page.
                              Cannot be better features to promote our pages and increasing its worthiness 

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  5) Settings  Through email notifications we can set all the defaults in it  and post it as your page                            also. We can manuall select which featured pages can appear in left column 

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After completing this steps and following the procedures what we can see is the stylish, featured new fan as you can see mine web programming fan page on facebook.

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The new pages can be previewed and manually activated by page administrators over the next few weeks. Come March 1, and all pages will be automatically switched to the new design.))


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