February 17, 2011

3 Google Woos Publisher One Pass

 Today read about the Google One Pass after reading it & understanding it i found it worth for earning as publisher , as we can sell our own digital content anywhere on the web across all of our devices and keep the publisher earning about 90 percent of subscription revenue gained through it.

  • New revenue stream
  • Purchase-once, view-anywhere functionality
  • Ability to give access to existing subscribers
  • Lightweight technology implementation
  • Business model flexibility (e.g., subscriptions, day passes, metered access, pay-per-article, multi-issue packages)

 Web Development, Design, Blogging

By providing a system for user authentication, payment processing, and administration, Google One Pass lets publishers focus on creating high quality content for their readers. Publishers have flexibility over payment models and control over the digital content for which they charge and the content that is free for consumers.

Google One Pass is easy to implement and simple to manage.The set up is minimal and content will be managed through a simple online interface, so publishers can try out different approaches to selling content with minimal development cost and see what works for their business. It is powered by Google Checkout, so publishers’ e-commerce and payment processing needs are covered, and there is no need to build a third-party payment system into publishers sites.

Publishers have control over how users can pay to access content and set their own prices. They can sell subscriptions of any length with auto-renewal, day passes (or other durations), individual articles or multiple-issue packages. Google One Pass also enables metered models, where a publisher can provide some content or a certain number of visits for free, but can charge frequent visitors or those interested in premium content based on the business model that the publisher prefers.

It also allows publishers to grant access to existing subscribers through a coupon-based system — so it is easy to give full online access to current customers. Publishers can give their customers codes verifying their subscription status, or can seamlessly offer content to existing subscribers via solutions enabled by Google One Pass.

Google One Pass operates across multiple sites, so you can easily manage content across all of your online properties. It also offers payments in mobile apps, in instances where the mobile OS terms permit transactions to take place outside of the app market.

For more info on Google One pass visit : Google one pass


web development services said...

Great post! I want to know when you update your blog, where can i subscribe to your blog in a days for future is very important in future.

raj said...

ohhh thnxx fr liking it...

1) well i update my blog mostly on daily basis

2) well u can subscribe for my blog on many ways

follow my blog for daily updates through follower app in side bar

subscribe my blog through email feeds and get post delivered to ur email when i update it or subscribe it through feeds...

more new IT tutorials updates coming soon

QualityPoint said...

Google One Pass is a payment system for the Blog/Website Publishers to make money from their digital content by setting up terms to access their content. It offers purchase-once, view-anywhere functionality, so users can view the content they buy across all of their devices including mobile devices.

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