February 28, 2011

0 Tweeting with your Mobile Phone

The last thing you should do before you start sending  tweets is to set up your mobile phone.

Twitter   began with mobiles in mind, so it's not too surprising that while you can have a lot of fun and a  lot of benefits with Twitter just using your computer , being able to  send and receive tweets from your mobile phone makes the whole experience so much better.

You can send out an update while waiting for your meal in a restaurant, while you're standing in line at the DMV. or while you're sitting in the audience at a conference  listening to a speaker and  sharing what you're hearing with your followers.

It makes the whole thing so much more convenient , and it means that you're much less likely to forget to update.

To send and receive tweets  on your mobile, press the Devices tab under "Settings" enter your phone number and click the check box that allows your to receive tweets on your phone as SMS messages.

You'll then receive a code. Send that Code to 40404 in the US, 21212 in Canada,  49 17 6888 50505 in Germany, 46 737 494222 in Sweden,  5566511 in India or + 44 7624 801423 everywhere else, and your phone will be set up to send and receive tweets. Vodafone subscribers in the UK can also tweet by texting to 86444.

Because you've agreed to receive tweets on your mobile,  through, you are at risk. When  you're following lots of people and to build up followers, you will  need to follow lots of people your phone will be going off the time.

So before you start following people, send the word "stop" or  "quit" from your mobile phone to Twitter's number. That will leave your phone set up to send messages but stop you receiving  messages.

Later, you can choose to follow selected Twitterers  by sending the message "onusername" (e.g on bholus") so that only the Twitterers you feel are the most important turn up in your phone.

That's just one of a bunch of a useful commands that you can send to Twitter from your mobile phone once it's set up to send and receive tweets,. (see image above)

And that's it !!

Once you've done that, you're ready to send your first tweet.


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