March 1, 2011

0 Twitter Rank and Page Rank

So there are all sorts of strategies that you can use to build up your follower list. But the number next to your follower list is just one measure of success on Twitter .

No less important and perhaps even more important is the extent to which you are the focus of conversation.

Because Twitter   is like a giant open chat,  the more people who reply to your tweets, the more influential your posts. It's great sign that people are interested in what you have to say and want to take part in the discussion.

 Twitter page rank

That;s the theory at least, behind  Tweetrank ( ) a service  that uses the number of incoming replies to give each Twitterer a score that is supposed to represent their popularity. The theory is similar to Google's page rank, which rates the importance of web sites based,  among other things,  on the number and quality of incoming links the site receives. lets you see your own score, and you can toss in the usernames of Twitterers to see their scores too.

The real question of course, is how useful this stuff is . The service was  created as a bit of fun. Unlike Google's page rank, Tweetrank isn't going to affect where you turn up in search results or how much traffic you're likely to receive.

It certainly won't affect the amount of money you receive in advertising revenues.

You might consider it as any one way to measure how well you're managing to motivate discussions in comparison to other Twitterers. You can also take a look at the list of the top 50 Twitterers to see what they' re doing to get those replies coming in. For many , it seems to consist of being a well-known mover and shaker off Twitter     as much as the type of tweets they're posting.

Interesingly, though, tweets also receive page ranks.

Paste a tweet into Google and you'll find that it's been indexed in the search engine.

 Twitter page rank

My suspicion is that this works the same way as any Web Page. Since I have links going to my Twitter page from other authority sites, Google raises the page rank of my Twitter page and the value of my outgoing links. Whether that's worth anything to me is hard to say. I can't imagine that anyone going to look for a tweet from me on Google, and trying to target keywords so that your Twitter page will turn up at the top of  search rankings is unlikely to be worth the effort.
 But it is an increasing quirk of Twitter.

Creating a long list of followers is always going to be one of the most important tasks that you do on Twitter.  It's a challenge that requires first deciding what kind of followers you want an audience that's niched and mostly targeted, one that's large but general, or a balanced combination of the two.

It will then involve a great deal of following and reading. You;'ll have to reply to tweets that other people have posted, place tweets of your own, and track down the people you know and would like to know on the site.

It's a process that takes time. While there are strategies to make that process faster and I discussed several of them  in this and no one builds a four, five or six-figure follower list overnight.

That's because , above all, creating a large following on  Twitter requires writing good tweets the kind that people actually want to read and which make them feel that you're going to have more good information for them in the future.

That's what i have said in my this tutorial. Hope its Worth for all :))


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