March 3, 2011

0 A 30 - Day Plan for Dominating Twitter

Day 1 : Sign Up & Settle in 

Begin by completing  the registration form. Decide whether your Twitter timeline will promote your personal brand, your website, or your company, choose a username that's suitable and easy to remember, and write a short, snappy bio. Using one of the templates in this book should make that easy for you. Remember, you can always change it later.

For a first time user, Twitter can look like a strange place in which strange people post odd messages about what they're doing while answering questions from complete strangers.

This is what Twitter's all about so spend a little time today clicking through followers and reading tweets. You should find that you have to tear your self away.

You can also sign up for TweetBeep today and create alerts for your company name and products. You might well be surprised to find that people are already talking about you.


Day 2 : Create Your BackGround  Image 

A day for creativity. Your background image is important so it's worth doing it for right. Using a free Template will get you moving quickly, but you might want to contact a designer to produce something unique or play around your designs yourself.



For example take a look at the images used by leading Twitterers 

Day 3 : Read Around

You'll soon be building up rank of tweets for your new followers to read so spend today preparing with some delicated reading of your own. This should be fun but do read critically. Focus on the sorts of topics you'll be tweeting about, pay attention to the sorts of tweets that generate replies, note who takes part in the discussions.


You'll probably find that while there are plenty of followers willing to read tweets about a certain subject, it will be the same handful that are the most active in the conversations.

Day 4. Writing Your First Tweets

This is going to be a day of tweeting. Download a Twitter client such as Twhirl or Twitterfic so that you don't have to leave the browser open, and every couple of hours or so, post a quick sentence about what you're doing or thinking.


Don't worry about writing something silly remember, tweets can be deleted but focus on making them entertaining,  interesting, and fun. Enjoy yourself, but remember from now on you're going to be tweeting every day! :)

Day 5. Start Following

And now things can really get moving. By now you're probably itching to start adding followers.  Your reading should have alerted you to the main Twitterers in your field and with a bank of tweets that show you have something to offer in return, you're ready to start following them.


 Hit the  "follow" button and see which of them  follow you in return. By the end of the day, you should find that you've picked up your first folloers and they might be well important ones.

Day 6. ADD Friends and Acquaintances  And Start Replying

Start expanding, your follower list by looking  for your friends, acquaintances, and contacts on Twitter. You might not find many, but you should find some. Once you've added them, don't be afraid to send a reply to one of their tweets. 


While you can direct message them, replying will give you extra content in your timeline,  and when they reply back, you'll appear in their timeline,  exposing your name to their followers an easy way to gain additional users. 

Day 7. Start Catching Big Followers

By now you''ll have a few followers. Some will be the main Twitterers on your topic that you'll have identified during your reading,. Others will be people you know who you've found on the site.


Spend today making a real effort to add as followers Twitterers with large follower lists. Use Twellow to identify the main movers in different fields, follow them , and reply to their tweets with itneresting, valuable information.

Day 8. ADD More Followers

The main Twitterers the people who post regularly and have long follower lists are like nodes in a network. That makes them good places to start. Every time they reply to you, your name spreads out along their network. But you can travel along their networks, too.


Spend today checking the followers in their lists. Follow them, reply to their tweets, and see how many of them follow you in return .

Day 9 . Ask A Question

By now, you should have a long enough followers  list to start making use of it. 

Tap the information that your follower possess. Ask a question that you'd like to answered and see if you can pick up a response. The question itself won't matter too much today - I just want you to see one thing that Twitter can do for you. You'll be amazed at how much your followers know .

Day 10. Answer A Question

So you've discovered how useful Twitter can be. Now it's time to recognize that you have to pay your dues by answering a question .


 If one of your followers has asked something you can answer, you'll have an easy opportunity. If they haven't though, try using the search page to find someone who posed a query. Follow them, Then reply with your answer. They might be surprised, but these sorts of random encounters are part of what makes Twitter so exciting .

Day 11. Have Fun!

Twitter might be  a valuable marketing tool it's also very enjoyable, and enjoying it is a great sign that you're doing it right and will keep doing it, too.

Just relax, today and have fun.. Write tweets that make you laugh and think, reply to tweets you find interesting, and don't think too much about adding  to your followers  or keeping them entertained. If you're  entertained , they will be too.

Day 12. LOOK For Your Envanelists

Now for a change of tack. Some of your followers be far more active in your timeline than others, replying to your tweets and sending you direct messages. They're  among the people you want to encourage and keep entertained.

It's possible that there are others out there, though, people who mention your website or discuss your products on Twitter. Use Twitter's search to draw up a list of your main evangelists and potential promoters.


Once you've drawn  up your list, you can start putting it to use. Follow your  evangelists  and reply to them as usual, but show that you value their opinion by asking them questions about your product, addressing any issues they've raised, and offering them sneak peeks at project in the works.

These are the people who will be prompting your name for nothing on Twitter, so it pays them to keep them happy!

Day 14. Do Some Customer Service

While  evangelists can bring plenty of benefits, you might well find that there's no shortage of people on Twitter not entirely happy  with your service. Today, you can squash those negative comments.

Search for the name of your product or company and reply to any questions with an apology and a request for more information. 

Day 15. Post A Link Tweet

 You should be tweeting everyday and doing it several times a  day, too, so you've probably posted at  least one link tweet already, complete it with short URL.

Today you're  going to do it  deliberately and measure the results.Choose a page on your website and review the stats for the last week. Post a tweet recommending the page and add a link, The difference in page views might be minimal, but pay attention to the number of ad clicks and the comments left on the page after the tweet. You might well find that your Twitter traffic is small  in number but large in influence.

Day 16. Post a Discussion Tweet.

And today we're going to do the same thing with a discussion Tweet  on Twitter. State an opinion and ask your followers what they think.

Although this won't have any affect on your website., it will  show you how active your followers are and how willingly they are to contribute to your timeline/

Day  17. Post An Action Tweet

A link tweet is one type of action tweet; it encourages your followers to click through to a Web Page you recommended. But Twitter can deliver much more powerful results than that.

Today, you can see the results.

Encourage your followers to take an action  that will deliver something of your value. You should recommend an affiliate product and include a link or ask people to join your mailing list, for eg.

Don't expect too much at this stage these are early days still but few things are more encouraging than seeing your followers earn you money. 

Day 18. Start Putting Your Tweets Together

Over the last few days, you'' have been  experimenting with different  kind of tweets. You should have been enjoying the results, too. Today you can try creating a sequence of tweets that leads to  a call to action. 

Start by adding  what action you want your followers to take at the end of  the sequence. Then, use Tweet-U-Later  to create a series of tweets, spaced throughout the day, that guide your followers to that action. 

Day 19. Try A Different Sequence.

Today you can do the same thing with a different sequence of tweets and a different action at the end. That will compare two different tweet sequences to see which delivers the best results.

You'll be spending a lot of time testing tweets and tweet sequences so this is a good chance to practice!

Day 20. Have Fun!

You' ve been driving your followers fairly hard during the last  two days, so pull back today.  Tweet, join discussions, and read other people's timelines while looking for a new people to follow.

It will be break  for your followers and for you too ! 

 Day 21. Do some off Twitter Marketing

By now, your timeline should be moving nicely. You should have a reasonable-sized number of active followers (remember, you only need to have  100 followers to be doing better than  96 percent only need to have 100 followers to be doing better than benefits of driving those followers to take action.

Today, you can extend your follower list even further by doing some off Twitter marketing. Register  at TwitThis to add their icon  to your blog posts. Post  a Twitter badge on your website, and make sure that your email and forum signatures include your Twitter URL.

And don't forget to keep track of the results so that you can measure the effect.

Day 22. Combine Your Social Media Tools

Some more off Twitter marketing today, but this time we're going to use the power of your other social media tools.

If you're using Facebook,  add the Twitter application to your account so that your tweets turn up on your Facebook page. Mention your timeline on your other social media accounts to make sure that people know what you're doing and come to see what you're upto.

 Day 23. Drive Followers To Purchase A Special Offer

Now we're going  to start moving up a level. You've already done the basics and seen the results, so let's make things a little more complex. Over the next few days, you're going to be driving your followers to take actions that are more valuable and tougher to carry out then you've done in the past.

Start by driving your followers to purchase something with a special offer. You could  use one of your  own products with a special discount code or set up an affiliate relationship with a retailer that  lets you offer a cut price.

You can then either create a tweet sequence that primes your followers before dropping in the call to action or just throw it in and see what happens. Whichever you choose, be sure to record the results.

Day 24. Drive Followers To  A  Blog

Persuading people to purchase is always going to be little tricky so now do something easier: link to your blog.

Don't  just  put up a Twitterfeed-style headline though, announce that  a new post  has  gone up and  invite people to comment. Find out what happens  to yoru discussions when you really push your followers onto your blog.

Day 25. Drive Followers  To SubScribe

Follow up yesterday's Twitter goal by turning those followers  into RSS Subscribers.

You could try doing that  by bringing the  discussion on your blog back onto Twitter.  Ask your followers  what  they  thought about the  post, talk about it during the day, and at the end of the day urge them to become susbscribers.

Day 26. Drive Followers  To Purchase without a Special Offer

Now for the big one. Persuading  followers to buy with a special offer is relatively easy. You've made them feel part of an exclusive club and reward them for following your tweets. Just invite them to buy and  you'll have to work a little harder.

Day 27. Have Fun!
After all that effort,  it's time for another fun day to show your followers that you value them and not just their wallets.

Day 28. Create A  Second TimeLine

With your  timeline moving along nicely,  you're  ready to set up a second account. Not everyone needs to do this but having more than one timeline  can be useful  way to create separate brands for different products.

You can even use this second timeline  just  for  automated  tweets

Day 29. Find Followers For Your New TimeLine

Spend today building followers for your new timeline. You might not have work too hard for this depending on what you want  your timeline to do. For an automated timeline powered by Twitterfeed,  just  telling the followers on your first list about it could be enough.

Day 30.  Have Fun Now !!

And finally, end your 30 Day plan the way you mean to go on by enjoying yourself with tweets, replies, and  chats with your growing list of followers


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