May 29, 2011

0 Basic Rules about writing web copy.

Consider the following points for writing cool web copy.

1) Always write for your target audience. Make sure that you give the readers what they need.

2) What is the purpose of your web copy? What messages are you trying to convey? Be clear with your objectives. Keep it relevant and don't go off on a tangent.

3) Write most of your copy using the 'inverted pyramid' style. This involves writing the key information at the beginning of the article. It has the effect of grabbing the reader's attention and providing them with the important details from the start. Newspapers use the inverted pyramid style of writing successfully and this form of journalism is suitable for electronic publishing.

4) Keep your articles brief and specific to the heading.

5) Insert short sub-headings at least with every page scroll to break up the text. Make it easy clean.

6) Use short, captivating headings which are also key-word rich.

7) Keep paragraphs and sentences short.

8) Make every word count.

9) Avoid use of slang or colloquial terms.

10) Write for an international audience.

11) Use plain English.

12) Check  that your  grammar and punctuation are correct.

13) Check your copy to avoid typos and spelling mistakes

14) Be brief in your delivery, but write in an appealing and informative style.

15) Work to a maximum of 600 - 700 words per article.

16) Turn your web copy into benefits. Inform your visitors.

17) Use bullet points to break up large chunks of writing.

18) Check your copy to avoid ambiguity.

19) Edit your copy to avoid any repetition, verbosity or extraneous  words.

20) Only use underlining for hyper - links.


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