May 29, 2011

0 Writing Rich key-word Content

Not only does your web copy need to be well-written and informative, it should  be delivered to optimize your search engine placement. We should be aware of this in the design stages when contemplating your content.

Your web content has a crucial role  in deciding your place in search engine, results for relevant key word phrases ( the words that your potential customers  will search for ) so it's important that you consider writing key-word rich content. You need to have the balance just right -through. Too few key words and your site will not gain the required exposure. Too many keywords and your site will be ignored by your visitors and search engine spiders ( also known as crawlers which are the devices in place to check websites for inclusion in search engines).

Good web copy writing ensures the right balance of key word density, using the optimal number of search terms in relation to the total number of words.

Don't overdo the keywords though to the point where your copy becomes dull,  repetitive, unappealing or reads like exaggerated sales copy. Remember to write with your target audience in mind. After all, it is your customers who will decide whether to buy your product or service.

All your keywords should also be placed in the meta tags of the website code  ( check with your designer or design program). However, it is that thought with enhanced search engine. technology, it's not important to do this. It's what is on your website for public viewing  that matters and gets you rated in the search engines.


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