June 20, 2011

0 Inform the Media of Your Website Launch

Website Media launch

Ahead of your launch prepare your first press release that will grab the media's attention.The purpose of this press release is to announce the launch of your website. It should give information about that the website is about and who it's aimed at. However, this information alone isn't enough. To reiterate, the media are more interested in the story behind the website why it is created, by whom and any significant angle that will turn your story from an advert into a genuinely  interesting article for the news pages.

To gain the interest of the publication that targets  your customers, give an exclusive offer aimed at their readers. Perhaps you can give a month's membership free, or discount on first order or a freebie. Offers will gain your customer's attention & may provide you with more space in the publication.

Your pre-launch press release should contain the following .

* An interesting , newsworthy story hook.

* The date of your website's launch .

* Some background information about you and your website.

*Any reader offers.

* Most importantly - your website address.


* Create a marketing strategy

* Know exactly who your customers are and where you will find them.

* Prepare a media kit

* Prepare a media campaign

* Inform the media of your launch

* Make last - minute pre-launch checks.

* Celebrate your launch ! :))))


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