June 21, 2011

0 Establishing Website Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions govern your vistior's  use of your website. It effectively confirms that by using your website your visitors accept the terms and conditions in full. The T&Cs as they are affectionately called, usually appear on a link at the bottom of every website page.

The details in your T&Cs can vary immensely  depending upon the nature of your website and may amount to several pages. There are plenty of free templates for T&Cs which you can revise to suit: take a look @ http://www.website-law.co.uk/ or http://www.clickdocs.co.uk/.It's worth having the final document checked by a legal expert though to make sure that it's appropriate/

Basically, your T&Cs will include the following

1). An introduction

2) A statement of the webiste's intellectual property rights.

3) A license that grants the user the rights to use the website with provisions confirmed.

4) Limitations of liability - effectively a disclaimer

5) Restricted access (if applicable to membership sites)

6) Rules concerning the use of any features such as discussion boards or chat rooms.

7) Variation of the agreement and confirmation  of the entire agreement.

8) Law - this is usually governed by the legal obligations in the country that website is based in

9) Your site's contact details.


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