July 15, 2011

1 Get SMS Google Plus Updates on Phone

With Google Plus launching SMS updates of your notifications like Facebook, getting your updates, all other notifications has become easy touch and go via SMS on your Mobile Phone. To enable this feature all you have to do is to verify your mobile no with your Google Plus Account. After you verify your Mobile No , get the activation code and enable the following notifications for example.

A )  Shares a post with me directly

B ) Comments on a post after I comment on it

C ) Tags me in a photo

D ) Comments on a photo I am tagged in

E ) Adds me to a circle

F ) Comments on a photo I tagged

G ) Starts a Huddle conversation with me

H ) Mentions me in a post

I )  Comments on a post I created

Simple Steps to Activate Google Plus On Your Mobile Phone 

Step 1 : Visit Google Plus Setting Page.

Step 2 : Then click on Add Phone number and then we Select our country

( currently Google Plus is offering only two countries supported SMS updates ie : United States & India users ) 

Step 3 : After completing the above two steps, wait for few seconds to receive the verification code on your mobile phone via sms. Now enter the code in your  Google plus profile settings page  to verify and confirm your number

Step 4 : Final Step before we can start with the sms updates notifications, once we verify our number we can start receiving notifications based on our selected preferences given.

Note : To start posting updates via SMS, please follow the given step shown in image 

Secure your posts (SMS Security PIN)

SMS as a technology has some security shortfalls, whether you're using SMS in the normal way (phone to phone) or communicating with Google products.

While actual SMS attacks are quite rare, it is technically possible for an attacker to spoof an SMS. For example, by sending an SMS to Google that appears as though it came from you, while in fact it did not.

If you're concerned about SMS spoofing, you can choose to setup an optional alphanumeric PIN on the Google+ settings page. Your PIN must contain 4-8 alphanumeric (A-Z or 0-9) characters.

If you set up a PIN, include the  SMS posts and commands with the PIN. For example: "A1B2C3 Will see you at the game @soccerfolks."

please follow the below step to add extra layer of security to your SMS notifications and updates

Users please me know you are already enjoying the Google Plus SMS Notification Feature.


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